Monday, April 21, 2014


I think that going to Boise is one of our family's favorite vacations. For the past 2 years, we have also missed Dairy Days (2013 was because it was canceled; 2014 we were picking out our dog). It's just our special place. We also have the best family that lives there. And for all of those reasons, it is the best!

When we got there, Brandon was telling Aunt Sondra that he is now a vegeterian. I couldn't help but snap these pictures during their intense discussion.

My Aunt always decorates so cute for holidays too!!! She had one duck (Dawson is holding) that sings Old McDonald had a Farm with quacks. The kids wouldn't stop and Brandon was dying!

Sondra brought 2 different groups to The Village in Meridian, which is an upscale shopping center. They had a cool fountain area along with playground area for the kids. She took some excellent pictures. Thanks for letting me use!

Playground pics

The cool fountains

The bridge over the water with Aunt Rhonda and Autumn.

Seating area

And the giant chocolate bunny with my honey!

And with Kate and Dawson

Another part of the discussion and fun was talking about ginger shots. Ginger is really good to promote health. Brandon bought a juicer a couple months back and even made me a couple of shots as well as drinks when I was sick. It totally worked. So, when Autumn told us that she was having a sore throat, we figured this 'cure all' would be just the trick to help her before Wicked!

Here are the 5 shots!


Wowzers!!! These shots are not for the weak!!! But definitely a fun memory, right Sondra, Rhonda, and Autumn???

Right after Wicked, Grandma Cindy, Sondra, Sharon, and I set out to spread out eggs for the hunt. I think that Faith gathered in the fun at the last minute too...

The Jolley 3 are ready!

Just missing Kaylor in this picture!

On your mark, get set, go!

I'm such a mean mom, that I made them stop for a quick picture!!!

A little more action

Tag even wanted to find the eggs for the kids!

Kaylor getting help from Grandma Cindy

Bristol and me hunting for some good ones

A couple pictures please

And they are off to see what goodies that they captured! Thank you Aunt Sondra and Grandma Cindy for all of your plastic eggs! The kids had so much fun!!!

Saturday evening, after all of this fun, the boys set up the basketball hoop. It was all hands on deck for sure!!! Dawson couldn't help himself! He laid in the box, just enjoying himself with his candy. Aunt Sondra got the pictures of the basketball hoop going up, so I'll try and post those as well.

The Easter bunny came with a book, boogie board (LCD e-writers) and toothbrush for each of the kids. And then they each got a couple of really fun goodies, but no candy!!! (Which they definitely didn't need after the Easter egg hunt the night before.)

We went to sacrament together in Robyn's ward, where Grandma Cindy sang "I Heard Him Come," the song that I consider to be her classic. I accompanied and it went off without a hitch! Robyn also prepared a ham and funeral potatoes (which were delicious) and was gracious enough to feed our big group. It was a blast!

It was also Jadyn's birthday that Monday! We can't believe that this girl is already 8 years old! She is so sweet and one of Kate's favorite cousins! She was able to open some of her presents and have a 'mini' celebration on Sunday because we were all there.

I always try to get a picture with all the kids. Kaylor really didn't want to be in it, so this was the best I could get. I love cousin pictures!

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