Sunday, April 20, 2014


It was decided clear back in about July 2013, that we would spend Easter in Boise ... and watch WICKED!!! We watched Wicked when it was in Boise last. It is such a good show, that we decided to go again! I put together a group order that we placed October 1st. Part of Faith's birthday was a ticket for Wicked (in October.) I'm not sure how excited she was at that point. We decided to splurge and get the 'good' tickets, and boy was it worth it!!! We also upgraded my mom's ticket for her Christmas present. Again, not sure that she was that excited, but I think she was super happy that we did it and got to sit together! 

My Aunt Sondra was gracious enough to let our group of 5 stay with her again! She put together baskets for all of us going to Wicked that included some of these things, plus green nail polish. The boys got keychains and the girls got earrings that she also made for us! We felt super special.

We even tried out the glasses straight away!!!

Wicked cupcakes - delicious!

The night before, we prepped ourselves by watching The Wizard of Oz. Super fun to be able to remember the story and then get ready for WICKED! Here are all of our tickets!

What should we do???

Show off the green nails!
Faith, me, Aunt Sondra, Aunt Rhonda, cousin Autumn (nicknamed Olive by Kate)
and Kate

Dawson wasn't really into it, but we got a fun picture with just dad and the girls!

We dropped off Dawson and Kate to be with the Royce family, watching soccer games and headed to the Ann Morrison Theater. Once we were there, I ran into a couple of familiar faces! 

Sheree, looking gorgeous as ever!

And one of my besties Jenny, with an awesome photobomb from cousin Amy!

Intermission!!! We should have taken a picture to show you how close we really were!

Our group wanted to take a picture after!!! Jason and Sharon are in the back and I know that they LOVED it! Also, take notice of the genuine smile from Faith! She LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!!

We were so lucky to come to Boise to see this AWESOME show! I highly recommend it and can't wait to see it again!

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