Monday, April 7, 2014


I saw someone say this spring that LDS General Conference is like the Mormon Superbowl and I couldn't agree more! We look forward to this day in anticipation for counsel from our leaders. These talks are modern scripture that we study during Priesthood and Relief Society meetings during the 4th Sunday of every month. And hopefully, we are using these to study personally and with our families often and regularly.

First up was women's conference. This is the first time since September 1992 that all women met together. And this is the first time ever that young girls ages 8 and up were present. Our stake did mini desserts and a photo booth where we could take pictures together. It was a pretty fun night and the messages were great! I can't believe how fast Faith is growing up!

Our famous conference tent the night before

Getting excited to hear from our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson

Of course, we need thumbs up and silly faces too!

This year, I decided that we would write with dry erase with they talked about for conference and hand on our conference wall. Here is what it looked like before we started.

We, of course, had to take a selfie together! It's kind of Kate's thing to do with her momma!

My view watching conference. Yes, Brandon tweaked his neck a bit...

The kids wanting the spotlight.

Each of us put a question that we were seeking during conference. It was cool to put these to paper on our wall.



and strawberries! Oh my!!!

Our conference spread of treats! A little healthier this year, per request of Brandon and Faith.

During Priesthood session, Brandon and Dawson watched here, so the girls got to listen a bit. We headed over to Kiwi Loco right after. It was fun, but super busy!

We also had the Porter's over for dinner after Sunday's session. 

This year's conference did not disappoint! As always, we felt the spirit and were able to make more happy memories together. We are certainly blessed to be able to watch and listen in our own homes every 6 months! Here is our finished picture frame!

We hope that you took time out to listen to conference and the words of our prophets and apostles!

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