Monday, June 30, 2014


Brandon's birthday came during a very busy time for us this year! The Bohney's had just arrived and we were also preparing for the puppy!!! I also had the opportunity to speak in church that Sunday. So not only was I unable to make him breakfast that day (one of our traditions), or dinner that night, but he was also left to make his very own birthday cake!!!

He chose a strawberry lemonade cake.

This was a perfect cake for the summertime. Light, fluffy, with a bit of tang to it!!!

We invited our families over, but the Bohney's made up the biggest part of the group. It was really fun to visit, eat cake, and then see Brandon's reaction to his Boise State shirt...

Dawson though it was the best!

 Chase and Dawson trying out the new wear for Brandon!

Happy birthday babe! I love you so much and hope that you had the best day!!! Next year, I will make it up to you ... breakfast, dinner, and cake!

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