Thursday, June 19, 2014


Faith and I planned a girls day with some other friends. When they were not able to come, we decided we would still head to this movie - The Fault in our Stars. It is Faith's all time favorite book. She read it 19 times in 3 weeks. It was a book that I recommended to her. I loved it.

Here is our selfie before the movie started! Faith LOVES selfies!!!

And, of course, we had to bring a lot of tissues.

Faith's review: It was incredibly true to the bok, which surprised me. John Green, the author was allowed to go behind the scenes with the actors and director, which is rare. Josh Boone (director) thank you very much for staying so true to the book that there are book quotes, the places look the same as they did in the book, and the outfits were the same and it was AMAZING. Shailene Woodley did such an amazing job of portraying Hazel and it felt as if she was the character instead of trying to be the character. Ansel Elgort was a great actor too and I loved that portrayed the pain and loss of not being able to do things by yourself. I loved that they didn't need to look cool all the time, and that's the truth. Like (SPOILER ALERT) when Augustus dies, pain is etched into Hazel's face and she sobs heartbroken sobs and grabs her mother for the support she needs. Also, before that, when she goes to pick Augustus up in the middle of the night because he wanted a pack of cigarettes, he has blood dripping from his mouth and his face is, also, etched with pain. Overall, its a very splendid, fantabulous, and AWESOME movie that everyone should watch. (READ THE BOOK FIRST!)(:

Did we cry? Yes!!! From now on, I think that I will choose to watch the sad movies at home so that I can pause ... blow my nose ... and continue to watching great stuff! Thank you, Faith, for coming to the movie with me! Okay? Okay.

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