Monday, June 23, 2014


We were so excited to go and see all 5 puppies. They are miniature labradoodles. We really had to work to contain our energy. The breeders had a large basket that they brought all 5 in. All too adorable. Here's what we noticed.

Pink girl: Immediately went to Faith and was snuggling.

Purple girl: She would yap and bark at each of the other puppies. It was as if she was pushing all of the buttons of the other puppies. She was the runt, so that might have been part of it as well.

Blue boy: Probably going to be the biggest of the group of puppies. He was the only one that would play fetch and was going up the stairs to one of the kids. Very interactive.

Green boy: A good mix of all of them, but not a snuggler. Fur was more of a poodle than lab.

Orange boy: He hid in the corner behind the green chair and got under the checker dresser. Twice! But he let me hold him like a baby and that was fun.

So, how do you decide? We decided to go through the process of elimination, since we felt like that would be the easiest. First one to go? Purple girl. She was a little trouble maker. The next one to go was Blue boy. I felt like he probably had one of the highest energy. We didn't want a dog that had more energy than we had. After talking for a little bit with the kids, we realized that Orange boy was the worst pick of the liter for us. He hid and avoided us ... which dogs that age should not be doing. So after that we were left with Pink girl and Green boy. We decided that each of our family would circle pink or green. Everyone voted for pink except for Dawson. But he was okay with our pick. So, we decided on this good looking puppy!

We can't wait until we get to take her home! It's like Christmas around here...

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