Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Yes, my kids actually call school Azkaban!

Our tradition is always pancakes for the first day of school. This year, I thought that I would make it easier and just do yellow for both the Panthers and the Hawks. You can't really tell, but yes, it is dyed yellow.

Then I made the first letter of their name and put the number of small pancakes to represent which grade they are in.
Kate's in 2nd

Dawson's in 5th

Faith's in 8th

This one is getting so big!

Dawson is now in 5th grade!

The first wave of kids off to school

Faith's in 8th grade and growing up so much!

Annual Yahoo/BooHoo Breakfast at Geraldine's!
Here is my breakfast and my picture!

I really enjoy this tradition and being able to visit with friends and neighbors each year. I think that all of us (except Amber G.) were SO happy that school started. I am looking forward to a routine... and I think that my kids love to play with friends during the day.

Adeline, Ann, Josi, Rachel, Amber, Kendra

Mary Kae, Amber, Jess, Klive, Marin, and Amy

The girls playing and having a great first day of school - LOL!

And the other tradition on the first and last day of school is to make cookies. Per Dawson's request, we did cake mix cookies and all of the kids loved them! They said they were the best cookies I've ever made (laughing really hard right about now!) I think I'll stop trying to impress them and just make the quickest cookies that we can! Here is what was left over from 2 batches. (The kids are finally getting the hang of it and coming to get their cookie!)

Here's to a great year of learning, fun with friends, and more traditions like this!!!

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