Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Our whole summer this year has been all about the puppy. But we still wanted to get away for just a day. A staycation, which was decided to be Lava Hot Springs this year. We arranged to have my sister pick up Echo from the groomers and we headed out on a cloudy-ish day. It couldn't have been more perfect. Lower 80s, upper 70s. Mostly cloudy. And all of my kids and husband around me!

During our swim and riding the waterslides, Dawson began saying a ton of things starting with a hashtag. I couldn't help but laugh. Here are a few that we heard (#alot)!!!


Dawson, Mom, Kate

Brandon and Zoey

Faith, Dawson, and Kate

We stayed for about 4 hours, but we still had sad faces when we left. Echo's day was also quite eventful. She pooped in Tracy's car (on top of Jordan's preschool papers he had to hand in that night.) Then, she decided while Tracy was reprinting the papers that she would have a spa day in her backyard by taking a mud bath. Maddy just watched her. And so Tracy took the rest of the day off of work to bathe Echo for the 2nd time. I'm afraid I have quite a bit of making up to do for her!!! 

Echo's new doo (just face and paws were able to be cut)

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