Monday, August 11, 2014


So I may post a lot about work. But I really, really enjoy what I do. Here are a couple of pictures of the fun that we have!!!

Rosemary and I playing in the pedicure room!

Designers Trissa and Danielle with our builder Nick Jensen from Spring Creek Homes

Here is one of the pow wows when Brandon stopped by!
Yes, all 3 men in the pedicure chairs getting massages!

And finally, our latest project, parade of homes!

The tux!

Fun selfies
Megan and Rosemary

Me and Nick

Me and Karlee (who has THE cutest baby bump right now!)

Deb, Sheree, and Amy

And me with a couple of curls!

We were tuckered out after Parade of Homes!!!

The best part is being able to hang out with THE BEST ladies in Pocatello and Chubbuck!!! So, sorry for posting so much about work. It's a love affair!

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