Saturday, October 4, 2014


I can't believe this little beauty is already 14 years old!!! She decided to tell me that night that she was not a child anymore! How sad! I hope that she still needs us because we need her!

We started out the day by having her eat on the you are special red plate. And then she was able to bring one friend with her to the spa!


Receiving makeovers!

Beautiful girls!

Receiving pedicures and eating Wendys!

Finally receiving manicures too!

Their toes!

Faith is quite lucky to have some really good friends! Thank you Bailey for helping make Faith's day special!

Faith also had her family party and BOY! Was she spoiled? She received skinny jeans, jewelry, books, money, candy, boots, and a shirt! It was AMAZING!

Here is Faith when Brandon showed her that her cake was Black Veil Brides!

Then we sang happy birthday to this amazing, beautiful, and talented daughter of mine!!!

We also surprised her with 14 reasons why we love her through text messages. It was a fun way to celebrate and I hope that she appreciates it! You'll have to guess which texts are from me and which ones are from Brandon!

#1 - We love your smile and dimple when you get laughing really hard!
#2 - You are such a sweet and caring friend to everyone around you!
#3 - You are so helpful around the house! We know we can always count on you to pitch in!
#4 - You are a great example to Dawson and Kate and to others around! Thank you for making good choices!
#5 - You have a very strong testimony of Jesus Christ and the gospel.
#6 - You love everyone no matter what they look like or even act like. You are very accepting!
#7 - Your smile lights up the room!
#8 - Your eyes are beUtiful!
#9 - You have great taste in music like your Dad!
#10 - The way you thirst for knowledge and love reading!
#11 - The patience you show towards your crazy family!
#12 - You often remind us that things aren't the end of the world and that we are going to make it till tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya!
#13 - The way you think you need to be my English teacher...
#14 - You are just the bomb in every way. We were so blessed to have you in our family! So thankful that Heavenly Father put us all together to learn and grow!

Keep making us proud! We love you! Big hugs!

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