Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I think that we are now referring life to BD and AD (before dog and after dog.)Yes, life is different, but very fun with a puppy. She is sweet and has been a lot of fun for our family!

Soon after we got her, the kids really didn't want to help. We have had a couple of come to Jesus meetings. The discussions mostly go like this: "Everyone here in this family wanted a dog. She is a living creature and needs us to help take care of her. That means that everyone will help!"

Puppys are cute!

She has even lost a bunch of teeth. (We found two just the other day. I'm guessing that she ate the other ones.)

She loves to please us and gets the zoomies after bathtime. It is so funny to watch her run around the yard and act completely and totally obsessed. I have to say that we are a little obsessed with her.

So, imagine the shock and horror of it all when our cute little chewbacca was totally given the worst hair cut ever. I seriously had tears in my eyes. It took all that I had to hold it together. Even she looks sad about this hair cut.

Short, short, and shorter!

Falling asleep after the day at puppy day care, her hair cut and then puppy class. She seems to fall asleep everywhere. A lot of times she even sleeps on her back which I find quite hilarious!

And she likes to snuggle and jump up when she is allowed to.

A lot of hard work and training will still be in her future. She is now digging (especially at Aunt Tracy's house), climbs and jumps the kennel at doggie daycare, still has the zoomies, and just today brought in a dead (decaying) bird and egg to stink up the whole house! We love our little fuzzball and are glad she is part of our family!

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