Monday, October 6, 2014


We always look forward to general conference! This time was no exception! I took the day before off so that I was able to do a lot of prep work for conference. Here are the kids getting all settled in for the night. Even Echo wanted to play in the tent!

The next morning, we ate pumpkin french toast and got all ready!

Here is a little sampling of snacks that we have for conference. Granola bars, crackers with spray cheese, cookies, chips, licorice, trail mix, nuts, gummies, and that BEST fruit tray with fruit dip!!!

We also usually have danimals (Dawson LOVES these) and string cheese. I also made homemade salted nut rolls and homemade twix. You can see the pumpkin french toast below as well.

The kids had fun coloring, writing notes, and listening to conference. We even had the sister missionaries over to our house to eat turkey pot pie between the sessions on Sunday. Towards the end, Kate wanted to show me our family.
Kate- pretty
Dawson- funny
Faith- gorgeous
Mom-  helpful
Dad- smart

I loved that she took the time to write some of our talents down and that she wanted to share them with us!

We are so lucky to be able to hear conference and listen to the words from the Lord. I am working on already re listening so that I can pick my top 3. Have you already decided which ones are yours?

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