Sunday, November 15, 2015


This week was a missionary filled week. The missionaries happen to stop by on Sunday night. That was when Brandon told me that I was supposed to call the ward mission leader to sign up for a dinner.

Elder Earley played the guitar. (He is really good)

And we took a picture of the missionaries - Elder Kim, Elder Earley, Elder Holiday

That was Sunday. Making the phone call, we found out that we would have them over for dinner on Saturday, but that meant that we wouldn't have Elder Earley. Another call later, we invited them over for dinner on Monday night, which used to be a regular thing for the Jolley household.

We served breakfast for dinner so that they could try pumpkin french toast!

We played General Conference Jeopardy which was fun to stump all of us. Good times!

Thursday morning, we got to pick up on of "our" missionaries and bring her to the airport to go home. Sister Richins really touched our lives and we just loved getting to know and love her. It was sad to see her go, but I hope that she continues to stay in touch with us!!!

Seeing her through security at the Pocatello Airport.

Saturday, Elder Kim requested that we do a 'greenie' dinner for Elder Holiday who didn't get his greenie dinner yet (he's been out about 6 weeks now.) I did not want to disappoint.

Green beef pot pie

Green salad

Green pistachio fluff

It was fun to have them over again. They taught us the message of the Restoration for practice. And for practice, Brandon pretended to be Catholic. We will just have to follow up with them the next time that we see them to see how things are going.

We love having the missionaries over because it fills our home with the spirit. It's really like nothing else. They are young and full of life. Plus they have deep and growing testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you Elder Earley, Elder Kim, Elder Holiday, and Sister Richins for filling our week with missionaries!

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