Sunday, November 1, 2015


Friday was the Halloween parade and classroom parties at Chubbuck Elementary. I was able to help in Kate's classroom and it was very fun!

Kate had decided Thursday night that she did not want to be Snow White anymore, but I was thrilled when Grandma Cindy helped us pull this off. She was the only Snow White that I saw (both at Chubbuck Elementary and out trick or treating). She was just beautiful

Pictures with friends!
Kate and Jacie

Jordy, Kate, Jacie

Emma, Kate, Jacie

Jacie, Sophie, Kate, Emily, Maddie

I ended up helping with a craft. It was crazy! Thursday night I found out that I had a craft (thanks to kids who had my phone when the room mom texted me back - that was Saturday!). I decided on a paper plate ghost but I couldn't find any white crate paper in town! So Friday, I changed my mind to do a bat silhouette with paints and pencil erasers. It was a messy project, but it worked out okay.

Saturday also ended up to be crazy, but a whole lot of fun! I did Faith's hair in a mohawk braid and then we spray painted it!!!

Snow White on Saturday

the Eskimo

Effie from the Capital

My 3 kiddos!

We did a neighborhood trunk or treat and then went to my mom's house. After the first stop, Kate, Dawson and Jordan did a little bit of trick or treating around their neighborhood.

Next stop! Visiting Grandma Zoey 

Final stop of the night! Visiting with Grandma Kathy

The kids enjoyed the time out and did really well this year! Dawson did get too hot so he kept taking off his costume! Haha!

Here are our other favorite peeps across the country!
Beauchats - NY
Grace, Olivia, Bryleigh

Bohneys - TX
Myah, Cambrie

Ethan, Kaden, Chase, Cambrie

Mr. Jordan

Royces' - Nampa
Hallee, Jadyn, Kaylor, Colt, Bristol

Petersons - UT

We hope you had a very fun and safe Halloween!!! Love you all!

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