Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This month, my Mom and I shared another birthday. Laura, my sister, has a birthday in the beginning of April. It was fun having a dinner to celebrate together. After dinner, we had our choice of 3 desserts: Chocolate mousse (one of my mom's favorites), Cherry pie (Laura's favorite), or Pumpkin pie (my favorite). I feel very blessed to share a birthday with my mom!!!

Happy birthday mom!

I received a fuel belt that I am totally stoked about. And I get to buy a heart rate monitor with the birthday money. Oh yeah!

Then, my friend Megan bought me a beautiful card and swedish fish!!! Very fun! (You know me too well.)
My friend and boss Carolyn brought my brownies and a card. Thank you C!
My visiting teacher, Melissa, brought bath fizzies, bath salts, and squishies! What an awesome thing I will definitely use. Thank you!
My other friend, Ang, always does things B.I.G.

Here is her birthday gift to me!

A green bucket. Our team's name is "Bucket List Brigade."

Water, of course is a necessity.

Gel and gum, a runner's best friend.

More ear buds, pedometer, and a safety light. Did I mention that we run in the middle of the night? Fun, huh?

For the unexpected that will probably happen on this run!

Did you know that there is a thing called runner's diarrhea? If you didn't, don't ask!

Thanks for the laugh Ang!

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