Thursday, October 13, 2011


This year, Grandparents night was in October instead of January. This really threw me off; we already had Faith's friend birthday party planned when we found out about this special night.

Dawson always asks Grandma Kathy. Faith always asks Grandma Cindy (and Grandpa Kelly usually tags along.) But this year, Grandma Cindy felt like it was just too crazy for her to go with her leg. Faith was devastated, but finally was excited that she could take Grandma Kathy too.

Dawson's class

Showing off his work


The pumpkin tree

And Elvira - pretty spooky if you ask me

Faith's class

Kate also came along with her new coat

Faith also insisted on buying the kids books and was really excited about doing it this year!

Grandma Kathy said that she was not impressed with Faith's teacher at all. And that she thought that it was so sweet that Faith would want to spend her own money to help buy her siblings a book.

Thank you Grandma Kathy! We love you and are so blessed and lucky to have you in our lives!

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