Thursday, October 6, 2011


This year, we decided to celebrate Faith's birthday by throwing her a SPARTY - code for Spa Party! We got this idea from Faith's friend Bekah who lives in Twin Falls.

We had such an awesome time. First the girls put on masks and then ate pizza.

first row: Shelby, Brooke
back row: Faith, Bryleigh, Kristen, McKenzie, and Madison

Then we did Satin Hands. You forget how much fun it is to pamper yourself or others! And finally we painted nails. Everyone loved the crackle paint! For dessert, we had cake balls and strawberries & raspberries with dip. Just for the record, girls LOVE fruit! Maybe even more than chocolate! It was a pretty low key evening, ending in girls singing along to girly songs and watching me dance! Yes, I am that fun mom, even if I'm embarrassing sometimes Faith!

Kristen & Faith

A webkinz! Surprise!

Madison & Faith

Goodies for the nails!

Madison & Faith

Oh baby! Bath & Body Works!

Bryleigh & Faith

Glo beads! How fun!

Brooke & Faith

I call it Cookie Face, You call it Face the Cookie

Shelby & Faith

Thanks for coming girls! It was so much fun that we'll have to do it again sometime!!!

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