Friday, October 28, 2011


Here are a few of the things we have been doing this October.

I accepted more responsibilities at my job and am looking forward to the challenges that will for sure come my way! I love working at a spa and love learning about new products and services that are on the market.

I was able to participate in What Today's Women Want in Idaho Falls for work. It was a lot of fun seeing all of the different displays and products that are being offered.

One of my favorite booths was Framed Legacy. They do their own artwork and also are able to blow up pictures, put them on a board and antique them. They are beautiful!!! You have to check out their website.

Kate had 8 cavities! Because we were losing our insurance, we were able to get in to the dentist in a timely fashion and get those taken care of. We are grateful for very caring dentist (Dr. Ross Hugues) who took care of Kate fantastically! Thank you!

We need to do a better job brushing I guess!

Parent teacher conference

That happened for Dawson this month. His teacher asked what she could try to do for his moods. We really didn't have an answer for her, so that is hard ... and a little sad. What sets Dawson off one day, is not what can set him off the next. He is slowly coming around though, and we pray that he will learn to enjoy school.

Make a Difference Day for service club was so much fun! The club purchased hats, gloves, and scarves for foster children who might not have any of their own. I am continually grateful for a wonderful program that teaches my kids about how important service in the community is.

While looking for pictures, I came across another group that did Make a Difference Day and participated in "Warm Winter Project". So much fun!!!

Thank you Modern Woodmen of America!

Friday Night Frenzie was fun, but not very many people came. Here is the temple block that I made that night. I put it in Dawson's room, so that he has a picture of the temple!!!

Primary Programs have started and have been wonderful so far. I have attended 5 --- we have 3 to go! (Total of 11 for our stake.)

It's beautiful to hear the kids tell their testimonies. 3 parts that have stood out to me so far. In no particular order, here they are.

1) A boy had a part about prayer. The last part said, "Prayer can change the night to day." But he said it with a question mark and looked at the helper (who shook her head) to see if that was really true.

2) A boy talked about how he wanted to be obedient so that his parents didn't have to pray like Alma did, and he wouldn't have to see an angel. Quite humorous!

3) The sunbeams in another ward filled in this sentence. If I was on the earth with Jesus, I would have ____________. The girl said, "If I was on the earth with Jesus, I would have played doggies with him." So sweet and touching!

We gave the missionaries a memorable dinner. Dawson managed to fold himself up in a folding chair. Of course, he was his normal self, laughing and telling jokes. I am glad that no one choked on any food, so that, to me, spells success!

And that is the October Happenings for the Jolleys!

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