Sunday, October 28, 2012


I was so excited to take our family to the Boise, ID Temple Open House. This temple was closed for almost 2 years for renovations, including a whole new roof. I believe the whole thing is brand new.

We also arranged for it to be on the weekend that Robyn and Jason were blessing their baby Kaylor.  Of course, we had to decide to miss our Primary Program (which we also did in 2009), a Harry Potter day at ISU, a baby shower, etc.

We stayed with Aunt Sondra (like usual) and really enjoyed our time there.

Kate, coloring and waiting patiently to go to the temple

It was a chilly morning, but with beautiful blue skies.  We got to park right at the temple, so that was great for us!  The experience went well and was pretty quick.  The last 2 open houses that we have been to, the usher you in and out so quickly that you barely get to see anything.  But, we have gone on Saturdays (mainly because that was the only time that we could go).  The dark wood in the temple is beautiful!  Their sessions start every 30 minutes (versus Idaho Falls starts every hour).  I hope that Brandon and I can attend a session there soon!

The other crazy thing was that there were no cookies or punch after the tour.  They gave out a little candy.  I guess that Brigham City Temple went so far over budget that they never get to have that again.  (A sad point because when we took the kids to the Rexburg Open House, we asked Dawson what his favorite part was and he said, "The cookies and punch!")

Our family around the fountain

Our 3 blessings

Aunt Sondra with the kids and Zoey

Family on the side of the temple


Dawson and Faith

Us :)

Aunt Sondra

Dad, Mom and Kate

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