Friday, October 12, 2012


Kate is a lover of Pinkalicious and all the others. So this week, we received our scholastic order and in it was Silverlicious! 

This tooth has been hanging on for over a week and after my trip to the dentist, I was encouraged.  I told Kate that it just had to go!  So, I got a piece of gauze, used my big muscles, and after just 2 tries, it popped right out!  Kate cried for about 5 minutes, but then gave me this cheery smile!

Later on that day, she is telling everyone that she lost her sweet tooth like Silverlicious!  A couple hours later, Kate demanded that I put her picture on Facebook so that 'everyone can see.'  It was just SO cute!  I am proud that she was brave, and also a little proud of myself for getting that tooth.  It was my first one between all 3 of my kids!!!  YEAH!!! 

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