Tuesday, January 8, 2013


For months, Fatih had been complaining that she had a sore back. Every time we would hug her, she would just cringe.  We had been thinking that she was growing so fast and getting into the teenager years (they don't want to be hugged, do they?), that we just didn't think much past that thought.

Well, one day, I had had enough.  She needed to get an adjustment from our chiropractor.  When we arrived, he said that anytime he has a teenager come into his office, he first checks for scoliosis.  Image my surprise when he showed me her curved back!!! 

We are lucky that she has a mild form of it.  Stretching and watching her should help prevent it from getting worse.  Life is all about how we deal with curve balls, right?  We hope that she knocks this one out of the park!!!

Picture shy and reading!  Haha!

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