Friday, January 11, 2013


Interesting facts for Faith on her special day!

Headlines that day
*Idaho State Journal - Dragila vaults onto a Wheaties cereal box
*USA Today - Are the Yankees finished?
Bush, Gore set to spar

Things that happened in 2000
*The president of the United States was Bill Clinton.
*Presidential election was George W. Bush (R) vs. Al Gore (D).  Results were not known for a month because of disputed votes in Florida.

*Worldwide concerns of Y2K ended over uneventful Happy New Year!
*Summer olympics were held in Sydney, Australia from September 15-October 1.
*Goblet of Fire from the Harry Potter series was published.

*51 million viewers watched the first season finale of Survivor.
 *The prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was President Gordon B. Hinckley.

*President Hinckley made a goal of 100 temples by the end of 2000.  The Church had 102 temples by the end of December.  (33 were dedicated in 2000.)

Cost of Items in 2000
*Gallon of Gasoline cost $1.26
*Postage Stamp cost $0.33
*Dozen eggs cost $0.89

Events in History on October 3rd
*1678 - Taj Mahal completed
*1863 - President Lincoln declared last Thursday in November Thanksgiving
*1922 - 1st female senator - Felton
*1944 - US Troops cracked siegfried line during WWII
*1955 - Mickey Mouse Club premiered on ABC
*1990 - East & West Germany United
*1995 - OJ Simpson acquitted

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