Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I woke up in the middle of the night with a sick Kate.  So, with a bang, today marks the end of summer for us!  Traditional colored pancakes were served this morning.

Blue for Chubbuck Panthers

Green for Hawthorne Hawks
(I know it looks yellow... I only had neon green dye)

Dawson is in 4th grade

 Faith is in 7th grade

Their bus times were so different that I couldn't get them both together for a picture.  I was also supposed to host the Yahoo/Boo-Hoo Breakfast (2nd Annual) and I couldn't make it for that either because of an impromptu work meeting AND that Kate was sick.

Here is her first day of school picture. 

A special thank you to the Johnson family for bringing her by a special bag with goodies.  Our day was so much brighter due to your thoughtfulness!

Finally, I had made cookies the night before to give to the neighborhood kids at the bus stop.  It just so happened that about 2:00 pm it started raining cats and dogs again!  I couldn't believe it.  I drove to the bus stop with my umbrella and my cookies, thinking that it would 'break' for a minute so that I could hand them out to them.  No break would come.  I was left with 5 dozen cookies at my house!

Such a bummer first day of school!!!

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