Saturday, August 24, 2013


It was raining so hard Friday afternoon and I really didn't think anything of it as I ran to the car to drive home.  And then I remembered the aftermath of 2009.  We were out of town when there was a crazy storm. 3 days later, we still had hail in our front yard.

I ran inside and took these 2 pictures really quick.

By this time, I had got on the phone with my neighbor.  In the middle of our conversation, she says something like, "Your garbage can is floating down to the neighbors!"  I laughed.  It was TRUE!  She sent her boys to go get it for me!  Thank you Kade and Ian!

A little bit later.

Faith and I watched one of Kate's flipflops float out into the lake and disappear.  Faith couldn't contain herself.  She kept laughing this deep hearted belly laugh!!!  It was quite comical.

And it kept going!!!  At this point, I move stuff in the garage and swept out a bunch of water from it.  I had the kids grab all of the scrapbooks from downstairs just in case (the only real non replaceable items that we have down there.)  And we were set to wait it out.  As another side note, Brandon was out of town and didn't get back to see it in it's true beauty.  Super, super crazy!

Here is a video from my house shortly after I got home.

As an afterthought, we ran to check on our backyards.  This is my neighbor's.

Here is ours!  I had just hoped that the chickens moved to higher ground!!!

Finally, the police came and taped off our road because the flooding was quite bad.

Meanwhile, I got a picture text from a friend of the underpass on Center St.  As a side note, I have seen pictures with it much higher than this too!

And before going to bed, the city sent workers to make sure that our drains were working properly.  That was so nice of them.

This morning we are completely dried out, which is AWESOME!!!  The news reported 2.64 inches in Chubbuck in about 3 hours.  The drains couldn't keep up with it.  Crazy thing is that there was no rain out by Century, no rain at the airport either.  Very localized and crazy, intense storm that just 'stayed' for hours here!!!  Although we needed it, I am sure that there is a lot of basement damage and car damage for many people.  I do think that everyone is safe though.

This may be an every 3-5 year thing that occurs here in Chubbuck.  We are lucky that we did not have any flooding in our basement and I believe that our close neighbors are okay as well.

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