Thursday, August 15, 2013


Our trip to "the cabin" has been planned since about February of this year.  Amy and Justin graciously invited us to spend time together as a family and experience Island Park.  We had never been before, but it definitely gave us something to look forward to for our summer this year!

4 Wheeling!


The good looking couple!

Justin & Amy

Our ride

Kate & Amy

Jony & Justin

Faith, Brandon & Kate

Justin & Grandma

Exploring Island Park!

The view


Andrew, Kate, Faith, Dawson, and Jony

The house of the first guy that lived in Island Park I believe 

Floating the river

We made it!  I have to say that it was incredible.  We saw 3 moose, ducks, birds, and fish.  Towards the end, we saw a bald eagle swoop down, grab a fish in his mouth and fly up into a tree where he preceded to eat the fish.  Since this river is slow moving, we watched the whole thing!  Amazing!

Kate and Jony


The cousins

Wearing Brandon's hat

Playing cards together

Fun dinner bell

Minute to win it games were a big hit!  Thank you Amy for putting such hard work into making such a fun last day!

Zoey, Amy, and Faith

Grandkids with Grandma!

Our family (just missing Grandpa)

Thank you Jolleys for having us for a great and memorable vacation!  It was SO awesome and we loved every minute of it.  We are blessed to call you family and hope we can do it again sometime!  Love you!!!

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