Sunday, July 13, 2014


I lightly rubbed Kate to wake her up and said "Good morning!" The first words out of her mouth was "PUPPY DAY!!!" Needless to say, we had no problem getting the kids ready for the morning. Of course, we did have to say goodbye to our besties!

Side note. I have never stayed in a hotel where there was a mini fridge in the bathroom right next to a scale. I wonder if that is a hint! Definitely was a shocker!!!

Faith and Cambrie

Kate loved this little cutie!!!

 The girls! Cambrie, Myah, Kate, and Faith

The boys! Chase, Kaden, Ethan, and Dawson

After I looked through the pictures, I thought that it was so funny that between our 2 families, we have 4 girls and 4 boys! Here the group is together!

Of course, I had told Rachel that I wasn't going to cry. At this point though, the tears started to come out and I just couldn't help it!

I loved that our men were both wearing red! And Will in true fashion, was wearing his AERO shirt!

Chase wanted part of the action! He was so sweet with our family! Hugs all of the time! I will definitely miss them!

Quick picture of Cambrie, Sara, and I. Before the tears got too bad.

We said goodbye for now. They headed on a long 10 hour drive, and we headed to IHop before we went to get our puppy.

 Thumbs up for the special day and the chance to eat at their favorite breakfast spot!

The two big girls! We look awesome in this picture!!!

After a great breakfast, we headed to Heber City to pick up our puppy. During the week, we went through a process of elimination to pick a name for our puppy. We wanted a fun name, but also a name that isn't too common. We narrowed it down to Daisy and Echo. In the end, because Dawson was the only one that didn't 'vote' for pink girl, we wanted to 'keep the peace' and decided to pick the name that he liked - Echo.

Picking her up was awesome! We were given a bag full of toys for her, instructions, food, etc. Just like if you were bringing home a baby from the hospital. We were wanted to get her used to her crate, but she was not having it. All of the kids took turns on the drive home holding her, with Brandon supervising in the back seat. Yes, I was the chauffeur. She was great during the first hour. We stopped at Amy and Justin's house to show off our baby girl!

Andrew LOVED her!!!

But the funniest part was that she went right to Justin who is allergic to dogs. (So am I!) You can tell he was thrilled about it!

But he got used to it and reported later that evening that he was okay!

After spending some quality time visiting with our family, we headed back to Pocatello. She totally passed out for a good amount of time in the van. Doesn't she look comfortable ... and cute???

After the long drive, we made it home to start training our new puppy. The kids want to not only celebrate her birthday (5/10/14), but to also celebrate puppy day, the day that we brought her home. I have a feeling that she is going to be spoiled!

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