Thursday, July 31, 2014


Kate's speech this summer focused on a presentation all about stuttering. Each day, she would put together a poster describing things such as, why people stutter, the different parts that make speech happen, facts about stuttering and so on. Kate was able to give the presentation 3 times!!! The first time was to a child that was a couple years younger than her that stuttered. The next time was to a group of college students who are taking classes to become speech therapists. And the last time, was to a group of about 10 kids that are Kate's peers.

Kate and Kendra teaching all about stuttering to the kids

This summer was so great for Kate to practice all of her techniques. But the cherry on top was definitely the presentation. I think that Kate learned so much from Miss Kendra. We will definitely miss her!!! Thank you Kendra for all of your hard work!

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