Saturday, July 12, 2014


When in Utah, is it customary to go to Temple Square? We thought that it would be a fun (free) place to hang out for the afternoon!

First stop was Chic-Fil-A. Who knew that it would be dress like a cow day and get free food??? We ended up picking the wrong spot for sure!!! BUT, the kids did get their picture taken with the cow!

First stop was by the conference center and the kids wanted a picture. Somehow Will ended up being the only adult sitting! 

Our family! This is suiting I think!

Myah and Kate

We checked out the North Visitor's Center and the Christus statue.

There was a cool wall downstairs there and I had the kids stand against the wall. I didn't notice at the time, but the word Listen is in the center. Very fitting I think.

Dawson doesn't do escalators... so when he actually did it, we had him go back down and up again so we could mark this in the books! Way to go Dawson!

Our family in front of the Salt Lake Temple

We also ran over to the church museum

And the Beehive house

And the Joseph Smith Memorial building (I LOVE the view up there!)

Yes, this is usually the face that we get from Dawson! Sad, huh???

The day slipped away by going to the hotel, swimming, and ordering Watasch Pizza (which was pretty good.) We enjoyed our time to be in Utah and also to visit with the Bohney family!

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