Friday, March 4, 2016

Where did the charger go to???

I know that I am not alone when it comes to always loosing your power adapter, or not having the right one on hand when you need to charge your device.  I have tried a handful of other device that let you charge multiple device at the same time.  This is the first one that I absolutely love, it is pocket sized and can charge any device.

Not only is it small but it charges my phone in half the time that my old one did.  I like that it does stick out so far out of the out let like my old ones did.  It literally fits in the palm of my hand.

The device is well built and very sturdy, doesn't feel like cheap plastic at all.  It comes well packaged, although it did take me a few min to get the outer sleeve off because it was a tight fit.

Overall I would recommend this for anyone looking to consolidate all those adapters that you keep loosing.  I set this up in a central location and created a charging station in the house and makes it so much more convenient and faster charging doesn't hurts also.  Will be getting another one to stuck in my work bag as well.

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