Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Super Fisheye Camera Lens Kit 3 in 1 by Zeso

The idea of SLR type lenses for your cell phone just blew my mind when I found out about them.  We have a nice Nikon SLR camera that just collects dust since we have our smart phones on us at all times and if done right can take as good of pictures as the expensive SLR cameras.  

This package includes a wide angle, fish eye and and macro lenses.  I was very skeptical at first thinking it would just be a joke and not actually take good pictures.  I was wrong and was impressed with the quality of the lenses and how well they operated.

Here is a sample of the macro lens and how close of a picture I was able to take with this awesome little lens.

I would highly recommend getting this package of 3 lenses.  It comes with a nice hard shell carrying case that can be clipped on to almost anything, that way you always have a variety of lenses close at hand and you don't have to pack around that big SLR camera anymore.  I did receive this item at a discount for my honest opinion and review.

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