Friday, April 15, 2011


First known use: 1582

Definition according to Merriam-Webster: an acquired deeply ingrained habit or skill

Driving down to Utah with Kate for yet another doctor's appointment is second nature.

We load up the van, get comfortable for the 2 hours, 20 minute drive. On the way down, Kate always sleeps. I might call a friend or two, and then flip through radio stations and listen to something interesting.

We get out at the Salt Lake Clinic, walk up the stairs to stretch our legs, and give our name to the receptionist. We wait about 5 minutes and then head to the tiniest exam room you have ever been in.

After a few moments (and Kate continues to sing 'patience, patience'), we see our most fabulous doctor. This visit brings the news that we will have another surgery (#6) at the end of this month. Mom doesn't even flinch ... Kate smiles and looks ready to do it all over again.

We jump back in the van, and drive to Centerville where we patron the Dairy Queen because it is closed on Sundays. Get gas and begin the drive back home.

Second nature.

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