Sunday, April 8, 2012


In October, Brandon switched jobs through a buyout.  It was not our choice, but we found that the Lord was still taking care of us.  In March, Brandon was approached by a former co-worker to apply for another position opening up.

After much thought, contemplation, and a trip to the temple, we knew that the choice was really up to us.  We could stay with Digis or take this position at Syringa Networks (not to be confused with Syringa Wireless Brandon would say).  Either way, Brandon would be able to provide for our family. This has been a period of change in our lives and quite a jump! 

Brandon decided to take the position with Syringa Networks.  On the way over to the office to drop off the truck, I got quite nostalgic and had to take photos. 

 Brandon in front of his truck

Kate jumping in to take a picture too!

We are excited for this adventure in our lives and hope that we are happy there.

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