Sunday, April 29, 2012


Our chickens are little rascals!  Their names are Fluffy, Marshmallow?, Princess, Snowfall (the white ones), Midnight, Shadow, Zebra (the black & white ones), Goldalicious, and Sunlight (the reddish ones).  Whew!  All 9.

After letting them have the run of the yard all winter, we are finishing up the work on the chicken coop and have gathered them all up.  All of them, except Houdini.

Who is Houdini you ask?  She is a white chicken with the previous name of Fluffy or Marshmallow.  Marshmallow is one of the chickens that previously escaped the yard to go to the neighbors, so my bet is Marshmallow.

Anyhow, at least two times a day, this chicken manages to escape over the makeshift door.  It is really quite entertaining.  We have figured out how she does it.  She jumps up on the ladder, over to the top of the makeshift door and then flies down.  I think that it's her personal mission to cause mischief and out shine the other chickens.  To her dismay, it may be the early result of chicken noodle soup if she continues once our garden is up.

Here are a few of the latest pictures of our girls!  (Courtesy of Faith Jolley photography)

Is that you Houdini?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Let's ditch this joint!

Houdini is crazy!

I don't know about this chicken behind me ...

Egg-cited for spring!  More eggs!

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