Thursday, April 19, 2012


DARE graduation was a fun addition to the 5th grade experience!

Imagine my surprise and shock when in walks a sea of white ... and then BAM ... my daughter, Faith in her my jacket!  Really?  Just to give you an idea of what this looked like from my seat, here is a picture.  Can you spot Faith???  I know, it's pretty difficult to see her.

There was a really nice program which included the mayor and the principal.  Each of the students wrote and essay and one child from each class were selected to read their essay to this group.  Probably very scary, but they did a great job.

Each child got to receive a graduation certificate.  Here is Faith going through the line and shaking hands.

I was super excited because Corporal Holt (who I thought was an officer) is someone that I actually know.  He did an amazing job and included a slide show with pictures of all of the kids throughout the year as they were learning.  Thank you Chubbuck Police Department!  You did a great job!

Corporal Holt, Kristin, and Faith

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