Thursday, July 5, 2012


June 28th, our community suffered loss. The Charlotte fire started on the south end of town and spread quickly, causing 700 homes to be evacuated.  Still after a heroic effort, 66 homes and 29 out buildings were lost.

 Courtesy Doug Lindey Idaho State Journal

Courtesy Idaho State Journal

Pocatello and Chubbuck were quick to issue a ban on lighting off fireworks and promised to issue citations to those who did not comply.  It made for very quiet nights, which are usually loud and celebratory.  Those who wanted to do fireworks were given 12 hours on the 4th of July.

Our normal BBQ hop (3 last year) went down to zero.  We sadly missed the Bohneys who celebrated in Texas and our family, Kathy and Jerry.  Jerry was on the road, and Kathy headed down to Utah to celebrate with Justin and Amy!  They had quite the view! We were able to visit for an hour with my parents.  They had just gotten back to check on friends of ours that live in the Mink Creek neighborhood.  Their house was saved, but many of their neighbors were not that lucky.

We made a run to Buffalo Wild Wings where we met up with Anya, kids, and Tyler (who had to work - BOO!) and then headed up to Kathy and Jerry's home to swim.  We didn't realize that the pool hadn't been refilled, so we ended up visiting and 'hanging out'.

Thank you Anya, Bryleigh, and Grace for watching the fireworks with us and letting us spoil your BBQ!!!



Faith (after multiple tries!)

Dad and Mom

All of kiddos
(Next year I really need to take one of our whole family together!!!)

Dad and Kate

Dad and Dawson

Dad and Faith (she did NOT want to sit on Dad's lap)

More Kate!

Bryleigh (thanks for being a good sport!)

Anya and Grace

All the kids together

Patriotic Toes

Anya and Zoey

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