Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I was tickled pink to find these pictures of my dad.  And my mom and I thought that it would be great if I could get some of these on the blog to print out. 

These are pictures (until last week) that I had never seen.  My grandma BarDee kept so many things, including his first lock of hair.  It was blond and still very much there! 

3 months
Cute naked baby picture, which kind of looks like Sam?

 9 monhts
I think that Jordan looks just like dad!

Grandpa Kelly during 1st grade (1959-1960)

Kelly's S.S. Class 2nd grade - Louise Rasmussen, teacher

 Kelly's S.S. Class 3rd grade - Louise Rasmussen, teacher

Grandpa Kelly 5th grade
I think this one looks just like Christian!

Leading the marching band in 9th grade

 Grandpa Kelly Junior Year

Junior Prom

Another dance picture

Senior Pictures

Graduation invitation

Graduation Program

10th one down in the 2nd row

  And a note before he left on a mission!

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