Friday, February 21, 2014


Brandon put together an awesome birthday cake this year! From the moment that our family saw this movie, Kate declared that she was having a Frozen birthday party. Awesome job honey!!!

My mom made a beautiful Elsa dress for Kate for her birthday! It's one of a kind and she LOVES it!!! She says that she is all grown up now that she's 7!

We also have this beautiful teairra for her head. Love it!

Here is Princess Kate's invitation!

Friends at the coolest party around

Crystal, crystal, who's got the crystal?

Build a snowman!

Blind snowman game- close your eyes and follow the instructions

Christoff's ice blocks

Make a wish princess!

Yeah! She got SO spoiled!!!

Photo bomb!

Her favors to her friends - melted snowman parts

Melted snowflakes

Ice sparkle bag with a snowflake necklace and silver nail polish!

Thank you SNOW much for coming and celebrating with her friends!!! You are awesome!!!

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