Thursday, February 6, 2014


Spoiler alert for all of my neighbors! Project #4 is completed and finished.

In 2007 or 2008, I saw an adorable spider ornament from my sister's mother in law. I decided to create these for friends and neighbors, but ran into all sorts of problems that I won't bore you with. When I decided to really dig in and find the necessary supplies, I ended up having to order extra leg beads, and twice had to order the body beads (I ordered the wrong size). I went on 4 different trips to find the googly eyes, but finally ordered them on Etsy!

In the end, I have created 28 homemade spiders and 28 homemade webs. This means 508 beads, 224 pieces of pipe cleaners, and 56 googly eyes, silver thread, and lots of hot glue. No fingers were harmed in the making of these spiders.

Here is what the saying says:
"According to a Ukrainian tradition ... having a spider web on your Christmas Tree is considered a sign of goo luck, and having a spider in your tree is a symbol of love. A poor woman and her family could only afford a Christmas Tree - no decoration, no presents. Before going to bed on Christmas Eve the family had noticed a spider weaving a web in the tree. When they awoke the next morning the tree was covered with the spider's web and as the morning light shone on the tree, the web turned to silver and gold."

Each spider

in their wrapping

And all 28 right after I finished in my kitchen!

I am actually so excited to have our Christmas gifts all ready for our wonderful neighbors and friends in February! I think that this might have to become a new tradition to take more stress out of the holidays!

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