Saturday, February 15, 2014


I decided that I would make good use to Saturday, so I decided that it was time to trim hair for all 3 of the children.

First up was Kate. She wanted more cut off, but I just cut off 3-4 inches to make it look thicker while still giving us the options of still braiding and fun girlie hair dos.

I think she's happy with the results!

I decided to trim Faith's too, but her hair was pretty damaged. After the first snip, I knew that this trim was now going to be a haircut. This is right before the last cut to show the contrast between the long and the shorter hair.

Yes, she did gasp when she saw that amount of hair removed.

We needed to add a couple of layers, so after 2 snips, I knew I needed help. Megan, my stand by, wasn't available, so a quick call to my mom. Thank you for saving the day!!!

After we washed and flat ironed it quickly, it looked fabulous! The more she sees it, the more she likes it!

I still don't know how many inches that was, but it was significant!!! What do you think?

Not to forget our boy. He really needed a trim too! I am hoping that once it grows out 2 or 3 days, we will be back in business.

Wahoo! I think overall, the Jolley salon did pretty good!

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