Friday, February 7, 2014


I've been singing this song because I just think it fits. "I'm blind and now I see."

Faith has recently been complaining that she can't see that well, so I had her make her own eye doctor appointment. I took a recommendation from a friend (thank you Anya) and we decided to try out someone new. I figured that she might need a little help, but was shocked to find out that she would not be able to drive (if she was driving) without glasses or contacts. That's pretty bad!

A picture of her eyeballs - very healthy!

So, we are opting to start her out in contacts and to get glasses in a month or so. She is a pro. It takes only about a minute to put in each contact. I remember when I started wearing contacts, I had to wake up an hour before I would normally wake up. I think she's liking it more than she says.

But now Faith can sing "Amazing Grace" because she can see again!

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