Sunday, February 23, 2014


Kate loves that her birthday is close with Jordan's. Thankfully, Jordan is compliant about taking pictures with sweet Kate! Our February babies!!!

Kate was also delighted that she was able to have a Frozen birthday this year!!! What a lucky ducky!

Turning 7 in our house is special in our house because you get to have your ears pierced (unless you're a boy!)

The first ear - unfortunately, there was only one worker when we popped into Claire's.

Tears, but worth it!

Then off to Texas Roadhouse for a great dinner to celebrate Katers!!!

Mom, Dawson, and Faith

She LOVES to ride the saddle. Infact, most of the dinner, she was worried whether or not our server would remember that it was her birthday!

Our family party was that evening as well!!! She was so lucky to have so many of our family there!

Hope, Tymber, Faith, and Dawson

Laura, Samantha, Ronda

The Atkinson family - Connor, Christian, Tracy, Brian, Jordan

Grandma Zoey and Richard

Kate with her 3 tiered cake

Make a wish!

Dawson decided to stretch out on the floor ...

So Jordan had to be like Dawson.

Grandma Kathy and Grandma Cindy

Grandpa Jerry and Grandpa Kelly

Kate presents for this party

This was such a fun filled day to celebrate our Katers. She is such a blessing in our family and we love her so much!!! Happy 7th birthday Kate!

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