Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Okay, so maybe it's not high school, or even grade school, but all of my children have survived another year of school, and so I say "Congratulations Graduates!!!"

Kate has finished another year of preschool including speech therapy. We loved having her with Miss Angela this year and getting all of the attention that she so needed this year. Kate has gone through ups and downs with her speech. We are hopeful that it will continue to improve and that she will continue to grow into the beautiful girl that she is becoming!!! Kate also learned to spell her name ... most of the time it is missing the a, but she is SO close and will be getting it in the next two weeks I am sure!

Miss Brenda, Miss Tania, Kate, and Miss Angela

Kate's preschool class 2010-2011

She also brought home a fun little surprise in her backpack on Friday. Can you tell what it is?

A little closer you say?

She grew a head of hair (grass) for us!!! What a fun idea!

Dawson made it through 1st grade. He has improved leaps and bounds in his reading, is pretty proficient in math, and will be working on penmanship and spelling this summer. The victory with reading is one that makes me smile and jump for joy!!! He even read 300 books this year. Yeah Dawson!!!

Mrs. Chandler and Dawson

Faith continues to excel in her studies. Her teacher mentioned that I wouldn't have to encourage Faith to read because she wants to do it all the time! She is right! Faith won't put down books. I'm afraid that I might rubbed off on her a little. I'm sure she is already planning on what she's going to do in 5th grade. She is growing so fast, I just want time to stop for a minute. Congratulations Faith on everything that you have accomplished!

Mrs. Pirrong and Faith

Finally, we celebrated the teachers by giving them swedish fish and A&W rootbeer with this beautiful saying that I made in Chubbuck Panther colors!!!

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