Friday, June 17, 2011


The morning came fast, but most of us were able to relax since we were van #2. Here is a picture of our continental breakfast that was just 'ok.' I rate it a C -.

Once we were up and about, we started to decorate the van. Ang helped a lot with that.

I helped with the buckets that were called baskets. I won't be getting an artist job anytime soon!!!

Here is what the sides look liked:

The back included things that are from our bucket lists. Sorry that this is not G Rated.
(Mine is ride a camel. Just sounds like something that I HAVE to do!!!)

It was so much fun adding the running people and such. Doesn't Ang look great?

In hind sight, maybe I shouldn't have had this picture taken.

Time to hit the road Jack!

Safety Meeting

And now, for the runner's perspective on their first run. You can tell by the comments which people in our van talked the most.

Started at 3:10 pm

Waiting for Noel to slap Brandon for the exchange.

- runner #7
First run was 4.0 and went good. I ran through a nice little neighborhood area. Adrenaline was on my side, so even though I didn't have a lot of time to stretch, it went well.

Ready for Brandon to come in.

Ang's skin sticker

Our 'first' exchange in van #2

Ang - runner #8
My first leg I was very excited for. I think its because this was a whole new experience and I wasn't truly aware of what was to come. I was in van 2 which meant we got to sleep in and didn't have such an early start. After the GPS steered us left for soooo long we finally found the race course with the help of the Ragnar help line. We had a nice tour of a Utah city though. I was the second runner in our van marked as runner number 8. My first leg was 3.6 miles easy and it was just heating up outside. The run felt easy until the dreaded 1 mile marker sign. I have a love hate relationship with that sign. My stomach started gettin a few sharp pains in it but I pushed past it and completed my first leg faster than predicted. I even had a few kills along the way AND was killed a few times as well.
Penny- runner #9
My first leg was easy; only 3.2 miles, which I completed in 23 minutes. Very flat and hot. The exchange with Ang went excellent.

Because she was so fast and her mileage was short, we had only a small window of time to get to the next exchange. Sorry, no pics.

- runner #10 RAGNAR
I was runner first leg was 3.9 and it was all flat road,easy. I was pretty nervous with how the exchange would happen and if I would know the route. Thankfully the route was marked by ragnar and there were always runners killing me as they passed me. So if anything I always had someone 2 follow. It was hot outside with a light breeze. I had gum which always gets me through a run. I passed many fields with horses and really just enjoyed the view as a ran. I had 4 people spray me with a hose. One of them was a fireman from the firestation. That was awesome. It was nice 2 see all the support from all the people along the side of the road. When I saw the one more mile to go sign it was nice 2 know it was almost over. The last mile was the longest. When I saw the exchange and saw misty waiting for me 2 pass the bracelet on I felt so accomplished and excited.

Misty - runner #11
My first run... the length was 3.2 miles, I'm please to say that the distance wasn't too intimidating, but this is the Ragnar, nothing is easy. The 3.2 miles had over 900 ft in elevation climb. I have not ever ran that much of an incline for that distance. I have been battling plantar fasciitis, but my foot felt pretty good on this run, thankfully. The scenery was beautiful though, I definitely had the thought a few times about how I would probably have never been on this road or seen these beautiful views had I not been running with Zoey & the rest of the crazy people on the team, that day. When I reached the finish, I was slapped Zoey with the wrist band, and she was off to finish the climb up the mountain. I was actually pleased with my time, given the steepness of the run. One down, two more to go!

Her leg was also unsupported, so I don't think there was anywhere to stop and take a pic. Sorry!

- runner #12
My first leg was 4.7 miles very hard and unsupported. It was almost all straight uphill. I felt really good, even though I was nervous. About 2 miles in, I could feel a blister forming on my foot, which was frustrating that I couldn't stop and fix it. I met 2 really nice girls who walked a bit with me. I got some unexpected help with some Shot Blocks, which are not bad. More than anything, I was nervous about giving too much energy to the first run and not having enough to finish the other 2 legs ... Beautiful views and really fun exchange to Jill!

The sisters!

Still smiling

Finished at 6:36 pm

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