Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Brandon got a phone call from the Post Office Tuesday about 3 in the afternoon to come pick up a package. It was an exciting phone call and one that we have been waiting for since the day after Easter.

The shipping box. They were VERY chirpy.

Their friend didn't make it.

Moving them to their temporary home.

Trying to get them to eat and drink.

The water and food set up.

There was one chick who was just hanging out, wobbling. No interest in food, no interest in water. We were worried about her, so Brandon tried to push her beak in the water to make her drink. She was not having it. SO, we tried to help 'Buddy' by getting a medicine dropper filled with water. We managed to help her drink and by the next day, we could not tell which one was Buddy, which we believe was a good thing.

We are so excited to raise chickens and to learn more everyday. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures of the kids holding them next week.

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