Sunday, June 19, 2011


Before our third run, we all had a little time to sleep

and stretch

and take pictures

Oh, and brush teeth!

By this point, I had come up with a better team name, which I might use if I ever do anything crazy like this again ... It's all fun ... 'till I run! Much more fun to cheer on your teammates, but it is amazing to accomplish something like this.

Brandon - runner #7 (leg #31)
My third leg was absolutely horrendous. I started out at 1:42 pm. By 1/2 mile out, I was cramping and having lots of pain. I tried to push threw it, but it felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife. Ang tried to motivate me by coming after me with a squirt bottle. But little did she know that she was going to get soaked by my water bottle! The run was really flat through residential neighborhoods. It was always nice to exchange off to Ang because she always had my chocolate milk waiting for me. I was very satisfied that I had finished Ragnar after so many people doubted that we couldn't do it!

We took a lot of pictures when Brandon was running. He was very disappointed!!!

Ang - runner #8 (leg #32)
The only sleep I can recall getting between Leg 2 and Leg 3 was in the van that was parked outside an elementry school which would be our last major exchange with van 1! The sleep was minimal and I still hadn't showered yet so I knew I was smellin a bit ripe! Thank goodness for pit stick and fresh clothing! Disposable toothbrushes were also a plus to helpi n scraping the fur off our teeth! I can only imagine the funk that aerated from our van! Leg 3 had to have been the worst run for me. At this point the lack of sleep, poor eating, and sore locked up muscles were beginning to take affect! It was 5.9 miles moderate in the worse heat of the day. I believe this part of the course had actually been changed last minute to 10 miles hard, cuz it just dragged on and on and on and on!!!! Did I mention it was hot, yeah it was like 90 degrees hot! I was grateful my leg had support because without the gallons of water poured over my head to help keep me cool I think I may have joined one of Zoey's decomposing deer buddies on the side of the road. I pressed forward and was able to complete my last leg; it was however at a sloooooooow pace! The last mile was brutle. Not only did it drag on, but it was also uphill. I did not envy Penny, April and Misty that had to conquer parts of Ragnar hill! When my 3rd leg was complete I couldn't help but be excited to be done! I had just completed my portion of a ridiculously crazy relay of 192 miles from Logan, Utah to Park City, Utah! What a huge accomplishment and defeat! As we got closer and closer to the finish line and more of us completed our legs the sentiment of accomplishing such an amazing feat begin to become apparent to many of us. The comradery and support we received from one another was uplifting. Having complete strangers cheering you on, offering you aid, and even sharing advice. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing group of people to have been cooped up in the same van for 3 days with. Being able to cross off Wasatch Ragnar Relay off my bucket list will always be a memorable moment for me! So proud, I wear my Ragnar medal every Sunday to church! Go team Bucket List Brigade! Its always fun until you run!

Penny - runner #9 (leg #33)
My third leg was a 1500 ft elevation change over 3 miles. It was tough and I really wanted to walk, but I had set a goal not to and I didn't. I probably could have walked way faster than I was running, but I accomplished my goal. I also was able to do my whole run with out getting passed (which was another goal). The run was very pretty but the best part was killing 3 people at once.

The proof!!!

April - runner #10 (leg #34)
My 3rd leg was very challanging and emotional. It was just 4 miles. However it was the leg called Ragnar. Which after reading the definition of my last leg it gave me anxiety, strength and the will to continue. The definition: in mythology and legend, a man, often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength,celebrated for his bold exploits and favored by the gods. As I started up my severe uphill climb through the Wasatch mountain I was able to think a lot. The view was beautiful and given the name I wanted to succeed. Most of it I had to walk like those fast old ladies you see moving so fast. There were so many people who supported me and gave me words of encouragement that I knew I could do it even with a sore knee. There was snow along the side of the road that was as tall as me and the temp was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better leg.

The beautiful views!

Getting to the exchange point. The higher we got, the more snow that was there. One team had members hiding behind a snow bank. They threw snowballs at each other. How fun!!!

Misty - runner #11 (leg #35)
My 3rd leg was the most challenging for me. I took the hand off from April after she completed her grueling 4 miler where she gained 1600 feet in elevation. Starting at 8800 feet, I still had a pretty good climb ahead for the first mile where I would summit this mountain dubbed Ragnar Hill by the Ragnar Officials. After the first mile the terrain changed to a steep decline for the next 6+ miles where I dropped nearly 1800 feet in elevation. The run was beautiful as I followed a windy road down into the Canyons Resort. I had many lookout opportunities off into the valley. There were secluded condos and private driveways along the way belonging to those fortunate enough to live or vacation in such a beautiful place. My foot was bothering me quite a bit with the steep downhill, so I had to take it quite slow. When I passed the "1 mile to go" mark, i was deep in a 'zone', with my headphones on as I tried to tune out the pain in my foot, concentrating on finishing. A runner passed me, as she did she called out "good job" to me. This startled me and I jumped in the air flailing my arms, screaming. She apologized while laughing. I was laughing so hard at my foolishness, that I was having trouble running. Somehow I gained my composure and finished the ascent to the finish line. Seeing Zoey there, ready to run with her headlamp on was such a relief. She was beginning our teams last leg of the entire relay!

Waiting for the exchange

Ang started crying and got all of us going! Her big last hur-rah before leaving to Kansas.

Zoey - runner #12 (leg #36)
I was so pumped to see Misty come in. The exchange went smoothly, and I took off on a little path. I was excited to know that after the first bit, there would be a mile of straight downhill. Little did I know that it would be trail running with a bunch of loose rocks. I wanted so bad to walk it, but the momentum kept you moving extremely fast. Once that finished, I was on trail the rest of the way. Flat on the first part and then very hilly on the next. I helped a newbie runner keep going as well. It was so exciting to come to a water station and have them announce to you "Welcome to your last water station!" Temperature was pretty good and I managed to make it to the finish line where I tried to leave my team in the dust! So much fun, but so sore I literally could not walk!

Riding to the finish line:

The finish line:

We did it!!!

No worries about eating real food now!!!

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