Friday, June 3, 2011


Dawson had already been on 2 other soccer teams, so he made a point to tell the coach that he was in 3rd grade soccer this year ... It makes perfect sense!!!

Our record was not stellar. We lost all the games. On May 14th though, Dawson made his first soccer goal. We wished that we could have been there to see it.

Here are pictures from the last soccer game that we played. It was very cold and windy. He and another kid got into it. They kept hurting each other ... Whether or not it was on purpose, that is up in the air.

With Coach Gunter

In action

Fun expressions that we get to see each game

It was a pretty rough season, but we made it through. He is getting pretty good at defending the goal. We'll see if he chooses to do it again next year. Ra-ra-ra fireballs!

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