Saturday, April 27, 2013


Beautiful Britney was just 6 years old (turning 7) when we were married! And now, she is married!  What an awesome, amazing day!  Britney and Erin were married in the LDS Bountiful Temple.  The sealer did a tremendous job.  Happy, happy tears!

While we were waiting for the happy couple, we took a couple of pictures.  (Thank you Kathy - these are FANTASTIC!)

Kathy and Jerry

Kate couldn't let Kathy and Jerry have a picture without her!  Sweet girl!

Justin and Andrew 

Thought it was just so cute that they have the same facial expressions.  Like father, like son!

They finally came out!

I love that Dawson is just focusing on trying to blow more bubbles!

Kathy also captured both Amy and I helping her with lipstick and lipgloss!  How fun!

Brit showing off her bouquet - Christine had put charms with pictures of her mom and her grandpa who are both in heaven.  So, so sweet!

Getting everyone ready for the large group photo

Brit with Justin and Amy - how sweet!  Don't they just look so happy?

The Jolley kids!

Faith chilling by the fountain

Kiddos are always attracted to water

We give this wedding 2 thumbs up!

Fun that Erin is giving thumbs up too!!!

Congratulations to the happy couple!  We are so happy for you!

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