Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter was beautiful this year! We kept everything very low key, which we love.  We always have a testimony meeting every Easter as well.  It's a nice time to share feelings with just our family.

Kate's Easter goodies

Dawson's Easter goodies

Faith's Easter goodies

For everyone to share

As we were getting ready for church, Faith came out with this poster.  I was kind of giggling and asked her to explain.  She talked about how Jesus Christ was resurrected on Easter, so she made a poster to welcome him back to life.  I thought it was pretty clever.

I also made bunny rolls for our little family Easter dinner (idea from Pinterest.)  They were such a big hit and I definitely think that I will add this into our tradition for next year.

This was a special Easter because a high school classmate passed away suddenly on Tuesday that week.  Thursday was my birthday and Saturday was the funeral.  Travis' dad gave the best talk I have ever heard on a funeral.  It was so great and gave me a sense of peace.  It was good to remember why we have Easter and that we will live again.

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