Monday, April 8, 2013


General Conference has been so exciting for our family for many years.  I remember that I was trying to get my children excited for conference.  I believe it was the year that Kate was born - 2007.  "There has to be a better way," I said to myself.  And I put myself into researching on and on google search for way to make conference special.

6 years later, I don't think my children will ever forget why we love it!  Here are a few pictures of our special weekend!

Kate wanted to start taking notes BEFORE conference ever started!  Her treat request this conference was gummy bears!  I love her organization skills!

General Conference Fort

Conference is wicked cool!

Faith took incredible notes and even beat us all at a General Conference review for family home evening the Monday after!

Our traditional fruit tray.  We also had turkey, turkey pot pie, and other fun treats including homemade twix bars and spray cheese!!!


Conference snuggles with Dad!

At the end of our momentous weekend, I made them all sit down and take a couple of pictures.  You can really tell who was into it, and who wasn't.  :)  

My favorite part of conference is:

Hearing President Monson talk

I get to nap (typical boy)

Nothing! I love it all!  (And her favorite saying at the moment - peace, love, save the whales.)

Family togetherness

Why do you love General Conference? 

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