Sunday, April 28, 2013


Erin and Britney had their reception later that evening at the Farmington Arts Center. It was beautifully decorated, including Christine taking care of all of the fresh flowers. There were plenty of sweets, fruit, drinks, etc.






Britney's friend Chelsey played the piano during almost the entire reception. It was beautiful!!! She is classically trained.

We were surprised by the Aitkens. Dawson was SO, SO pumped that Mike came too!!! He had to have a photo taken with him!!!

Brandon really wanted to stay until the cake was cut, so we did. They had the couple's first dance. Brit turned to Justin and said "Hold this." and off she went! We couldn't resist this photo op, complete with Brandon's leg in the air, though you can't see it here!!!

The McCurdy's definintely know how to party, so I will be giving Aunt Amy a call in a few years when it is Faith's turn! Great job guys! This was more than spectacular!

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